The charming guesthouses

To manor houses there are often stables, staff housing and administrative buildings located around the main building itself. In the old houses "Godskontoret" and "Vægterhuset" we have chosen to establish rooms and apartments that can be used by a family or for example by small groups. The living room can be used for informal meetings where you will not be disturbed and you have the opportunity to have your own daytime rhythm or cozy gatherings. The houses are also ideal for a longer stay, possibly by a foreign Dane or a replacement home for refurbishment.

  • Vægterhuset

    The beautiful annexe "Vægterhuset" is a timber-framed house, bright and tastefully renovated and decorated. The house contains 2 romantic double rooms both with bath. The rooms are separated by a "joint" living room. The living room can also be rented so that the entire house is available or it can be locked. In aditional to both rooms is a small terrace where there are garden chairs and tables in the summer season.

    Price per night incl. breakfast

    From 1650 dkr per night for 2 persons

    2 rooms + 1 living room

    It's possible to rent the whole house

  • Godskontoret

    If you want your own place, you have the opportunity to live in "Godskontoret". Here you will find a large room in the living room (Karlekammeret), an apartment with kitchen an living room (Godsforvalter apartment) and on the first floor a suite (Kammerherreindens suite). "Godskontoret" is a stone's throw away from the main building and is perfect if you are a family or group who want to live together.

    Price per night incl. breakfast

    From 1650 dkr. per night for 2 persons

    3 rooms in "Godskontoret"

    It's possible to rent the whole house

Gæste anbefalinger

  • Skjoldenæsholm  Castle in Denmark (a 1 hour drive from Copenhagen), is the ultimate getaway destination if you need to unwind completely. The peaceful surroundings, the impressive history and the exquisite food welcomes guests from near and far – if it sounds like a fairytale, that’s exactly what it is! 

    Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge Founder and Editor of The Copenhagen Traveler
  • The manor with several hundred year's of history has a unique atmosphere. It was a breathtaking experience to draw away the curtains and see two swans sliding over the lake in the morning haze.

    Bjarne from Denmark -