An event in a historical setting

Arrange your next Company event and make use of our unique opportunities at Skjoldenæsholm. Whether it is the big evening party with overnight or brunch with subsequent play in the park and forest with our nature guide. Get eg an experience with cooking at the bonfire, picnic at the park, winetasting, a guided historic tour at the manor or competitions in the nature. We would like to help you and arrange, together with you, an event that incorporates our surrounding areas so that it supports your purpose of organizing an event in yoour company

  • Wine tasting

    Wine tasting is a unique opportunity to taste wines, that you might not get the chance to taste. Wine tasting will be arrange for Groups for minimum 10 people. We will make sure to arrange a professional program for you - The themes could be; Know your grape - Wine from a specific region - Food & wine ... The choice is yours. Pls. call for further information and prices.

  • Ofyr-Grill on the terrace

    Our newly landscaped terrace overlooking the lake invites you to an outdoor event. The beautiful Ofyr-Grill is heated to 250 degrees and our chefs are ready to prepare the food for you. Use the terrace for example, the summer party of the year, team building or for a lunch where you have to spoil your guests a little extra.

  • Golf - Just for fun

    If you never played golf before, the golf course offers "Golf For Fun". Here you will get an introduction to the golf course itself, after which the trip goes to the driving range where a golfer trains you in how to hit the ball. After this you will continue to the putting green where you will practice tht more special swings. Golf For Fun, ends with a game on the par 3 course, (a 9 hole golf course in reduced size)