The green surroundings

The beautiful surroundings of the forest, the lake, the park and the golf course provide the opportunity to use the nature when you stay at Skjoldenæsholm - an obvious chance to recharge and have time to focus on the purpose of your stay. The surroundings invite to a run in the morning, with marked routes in the forest, a round of golf or teambuilding activities based on the purpose of the meeting. You also have the opportunity to spend the breaks actively at walk and talk with a cup of coffee in the nature or take the boat at the lake and enjoy the silence.

Get some fresh air: During the summer, we offer to arrange a picnic basket for lunch.

  • Running trails and walks in the woods

    The forest offers 3 marked hiking and running routes that stretch up and down on trails and woods. The three routes; Red, Yellow and Blue are marked with the respective colors of the trees. Skjoldenæsholm forests lie outside the door in a hilly landscape that was created during the last ice age. If you choose the blue route you will pass by Zealand's highest point, Gyldenløveshøj which is 126 m above sea level

    Red route 4,6 km

    Blue route 3 & 5 km

    Yellow route 5 km

  • Use the park and lake

    Our green surroundings invite you to stay outside and enjoy one of the park's hiding places or a to take trip on the lake in one of our boats. Take a walk past our herb garden and enjoy the fragrances and colors. We are happy to have a cup of coffee or lunch at one of our garden tables ready for you. There is also the possibility to order the chef's picnic basket and enjoy it on ie. Lisehøj overlooking the lake.

    Row on the lake

    Picnic at the park

    Enjoy the silence

Gæste anbefalinger

  • Skjoldenæsholm  Castle in Denmark (a 1 hour drive from Copenhagen), is the ultimate getaway destination if you need to unwind completely. The peaceful surroundings, the impressive history and the exquisite food welcomes guests from near and far – if it sounds like a fairytale, that’s exactly what it is! 

    Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge Founder and Editor of The Copenhagen Traveler
  • The manor with several hundred year's of history has a unique atmosphere. It was a breathtaking experience to draw away the curtains and see two swans sliding over the lake in the morning haze.

    Bjarne from Denmark -