An impressive history

It all began a long, long time ago. In the year of 1348 - to be exact - there was an ancient fortress named "Skjoldenæs" - the remains are still to be found at the edge of the neareby lake.
In 1662/65 Rentemester (minister of finances) Müller built a new Manor house where the castle is lying today. A remaining segment of this original building is the oldest part of todays' castle and is integrated into the sidewing along the lake. This, by it's half-timbering easily recognised, socalled “Countess’ wing" contains intimate dining and living rooms where our guests are invited go back in time and sense the unique atmosphere of the antique surroundings.
In 1794 Skjoldenæsholm was bought by the noble family Bruun de Neergaard and remains within the familys property to this day. In 1971 the family home was turned into a hotel and conferencecenter, which is today run by the families eighth generation.

Gæste anbefalinger

  • Skjoldenæsholm  Castle in Denmark (a 1 hour drive from Copenhagen), is the ultimate getaway destination if you need to unwind completely. The peaceful surroundings, the impressive history and the exquisite food welcomes guests from near and far – if it sounds like a fairytale, that’s exactly what it is! 

    Regitse Cecilie Rosenvinge Founder and Editor of The Copenhagen Traveler
  • The manor with several hundred year's of history has a unique atmosphere. It was a breathtaking experience to draw away the curtains and see two swans sliding over the lake in the morning haze.

    Bjarne from Denmark -