Historic living rooms and halls

We invite you to feel at home.
Our guests using the entire house during their stay makes the house alive. Enjoy our numerous rooms with different atmospheres either during a big party or a cozy gathering with our loved ones.

  • The Gobelin

    The "Gobelin Room" is the castles original dining room.

  • The garden room

    From this cantral room our guestes have direct access to our beautiful park, lake and the forest enclosing Skjoldenæsholm.

  • The Peacockroom

    Located inbetween the garden room and our beautiful old dining room, this room got its name form the enormous painting dipicting a peacock.

  • The billiard room

    The billiard room is to be found right next to the Garden Room.

  • Grandmother's office

    "Farmors kontor - "Grandmothers office" is located in the "countess' wing" facing our beautiful lake.

  • Grandfather's office

    "Farfars kontor" - Grandfathers office is located in the ancient part of the main building dateing back to around 1662.

  • The fireplace

    This room is located in the oldest part of our castle, the "Countess wing" built in 1662.

  • The golden living room

    The Golden living room provides one of our cozy sitting areas.

  • Souterrain

    The castles' old basement turned into a bright and spacious dining area.