Historic living rooms and halls

At Skjoldenæsholm we value the atmosphere and that the house is "alive". We encourage our guests to use the place during the stay, while paintings of generations in the Bruun de Neergaard family and Gyldenløve hang on the walls and keep an eye on you in our living rooms and halls. We have living rooms and saloons that can be used for everything from the big party to a cozy gathering with the closest ones.

  • The Gobelin

    Invite to a party in true manor style in "Gobelin". The beautiful gobelins hanging on the walls are silk embroidered by Anna Joachimine Ahlefeldt in 1739, which gives the name of our large dining room. The Gobelin is suitable for the big party with party-dressed guests. In this beautiful room, we can accommondate up to 68 people at the gorgeuos tables

  • The garden room

    From this beautiful room you have direct access and view to our beautiful park, lake and the forest enclosing Skjoldenæsholm. The garden room is often used to welcome your guests with a drink before or a dance after the dinner. The garden room has many cozy corners with old beautiful furnitures, which invites to stay in and breathe in the calm atmosphere prevailing in the old living rooms

  • The peacock

    The room is en-suite for the Garden- and the Tapestry Room, and is named after the colorful painting of a peacock that longingly looks towards the park. We have many old stoves dated back to the time of when Gyldenløve were the owner of Skjoldenæsholm. Here in the peacock room you will find a beautiful example produced in Bærumsværk in Norway


  • The billiard

    The billiard room is located in connection to the Garden room, in the protected main Building, dated back to 1766. Yet another of the living rooms where we could only wish the wall could talk - What many amazing stories they could tell. The antique billiard table that fill most of the room, is from Eiler Bruun de Neergaard's time at the manor and is still diligently used

  • Grandmother's office

    Farmor's office is located in the old countess wing and here you have a beautiful view of both the park and the lake. The charming old doors and panels in the living room are painted in bright colors and with beautiful motifs. The living room can be used for intimate meetings, which could be a strategic meeting or a board meeting and with an after dinner in Farfar's office. Farmor's office is ideal for a nice dinner for 2 - 10 people.

  • Grandfather's office

    Farfar's office is en-suite for Farmor's office in the east wing, overlooking the beautiful park. The charming old doors with original locking boxes and panels in the living room are painted in red, in almost Dutch style. It is Eiler Bruun de Neergaard, who is the grandfather and the last generation who used the manor as a private residence. His portrait, both as a young boy in sailor clothes and as an elderly gentleman, hangs in the living room today. The office is very popular for meetings or as a dining room for smaller dinner parties

  • The fireplace

    This room is located in the countess wing, built in 1662. The living room faces east and has the most beautiful view over the lake. The large doors and panels give the living room its own distinctive character. The fireplace is often lit in the cold time, where you can enjoy the peace of the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, after a fresh trip in the woods. On the walls you will find portraits of the Bruun de Neergaard Family.

  • The golden living room

    On the canvases is this room, you will find beautiful sewn pictures of, among other things, killing war scenes and beautiful painted frames, which characterizes this golden living room, as well as the front desk. These two rooms are both in connection to the large hall when entering the manor. In the golden room, heavy silk curtains in golden colors and gold-painted Rococo furniture adorn this little living room.

  • The lower floor

    With direct access to our beautiful park, and the possibility to host a large party for up to 90 people. We will decorate this room so it will look as beautiful as the rest of the manor.